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Triangle Doll and Toy Show 2018

Summer Doll Show & Sale 2018
Exhibitor Agreement

You are invited to participate in our Summer Raleigh-Durham Doll Show.  We will have Antique, Vintage,  Modern and Collectible Dolls, Barbie’s, Porcelain, Reborn’s, OOAK as well as, bears and toys, doll houses, miniatures, accessories and

much more!

Show Date:  June 9, 2018       Times: 9:30 – 3:00pm
Location:    Amran Shriners Temple -     1101 Creedmoor Rd.     Raleigh NC 27614

Set Up:     From 12noon – 5:30pm on Friday, June 8, 2018
                  7:30 am – 9:15 am Saturday June 9, 2018
All set up MUST be completed within these times. The Facility will be locked and guarded after 5:30pm on Friday, until we reopen on Saturday at 7:30 am.

Tables are 8 ft. long and a table will include 1 chair. Your cancelled check is your confirmation
Rates are as follows:     1 - 8ft table with chair - $65.00   Additional Chairs - $2.00
2 - 8ft tables with 2 chairs - $125.00
3 - 8ft tables with 2 chairs - $185.00
4 - 8ft tables with 2 chairs - $250.00

No Refunds or credits will be issued.  All monies go to the payment of the venue, tables, and advertising.

Floor space for hanging racks, shelves etc. are counted as one table space, so please plan accordingly. You must be specific below when reserving your spaces. (for example: 2 tables and 1 Floor Space = $185.00) Please remember if you do not reserve your floor space, you will not be allowed to place your free standing shelves or racks. Chairs cannot be used for merchandise display.
                      (I must reserve the tables and chairs in advance, so please give me an accurate count. Thanks!)

General Rules: All Tables must be covered within four (4) inches of the floor.  All packaging/storage items must be stored under the tables, and cannot block the aisle.  All booths must be kept free of debris to prevent injury. Each table/booth will be allowed one (1) small table tray on which to conduct business.  ABSOLUTELY NO PACKING UP/TEAR DOWN ON SATURDAY BEFORE SHOW CLOSES. 

Advertising will include: Doll Reader, Doll Collector Magazine, Doll Show USA website, EventLister website, Craftlister,Antique Doll Collector, Southeastern Doll Show website , Raleigh-Durham Newspapers, & media. Also mailings and Notices to Doll clubs in Eastern TN ,VA, SC, and NC and other local and national promotions currently planned.

Southeastern Doll Shows, Jackie Stone, or Durham Convention Center or Marriott Hotels, will not be responsible for any loss, damage, theft or injury while setting up, tearing down or through the duration of the show. 

Reminders:  Please remember this is a summer show.  It will be warm especially during load in and load out.  But the rooms will be comfortable.  This is a filled on a first come first served basis.  Tables are not considered reserved until proper payment is in place.   Please check the website for additional information about local hotel specials, nearby restaurants, updates, changes and other guidelines.  PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY (especially email addresses)

Exhibitors Name __________________________________ Helper(only one please)  ________________________

Street Address ________________________________ City _________________ State ____ Zip _____

Phone  _____________________ E-mail ____________________________

I Sell ________________________________________________________________________________

No. of Tables/Floor space reserved ______________  Additional Chairs Requested ___________Triangle 2018 Show

Amount enclosed _______________________

Outlets for electicity are limited and are only available is space permits.  Electricity is an additional charge of $80 by the venue.
I agree to all conditions & terms.   Signature ______________________________Date ____________

Make checks payable to:  Jackie Stone, 1406 Abbey Circle, Asheville NC 28805 – Returned check fee - $42.00

Website:  Telephone: (828) 505-2287  (Please make a copy for your records)  

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Triangle Doll Show Exhibitor Agreement  2018

                                                                                     Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill